Our shopping system is designed to be as flexible as possible, so there are several ways you can go about placing an order. Here are some common questions answered:

Q:Do I need to register before I can shop and check out?

A: Not at all. Your customer account will be setup when you check out and receipts and access information will be sent to your email account. After check out you may return and use the log in page to view your order status.

Q:If I have an account do I need to log in before shopping?

A: Not at all. You may shop normally and on the check out page you will be asked for an email address. If that address matches a previous order you will be automatically logged in and your order will be reviewable from the customer account.

Q:Why do you need my Email Address?

A:We’ll be sending you a receipt and a tracking number when we ship. Email is a very handy way to deliver these information and it gives us the ability to contact you if there is a problem.

Q:Where are my discounts and how much is shipping?

A:Discounts are calculated in the Check Out. As you are adding items you may wish to go to the check out page to review your order total. On this page discounts are applied for any volume discount items you have and you may enter shipping information here and the system will look up the current shipping charges associated with your order. Then you may choose to add more items or finish the check out process as you wish.

Q:When and How do you Ship?

A:We ship via USPS Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM PST, so orders after 10:00 will be shipped the next week day. Once your package is on the truck we’ll email you with a tracking number so you can follow the order to your door via USPS.

Q:Do you ship to other countries (not in USA)?

A: We can do that and have but we’ve had issues with customs charges and USPS quotes so it’s much better if you give us a call or email us to make an order. We’re glad to work with you on shipping to other countries, but it’s probably best for everyone if we do it in person. EMAIL US or call (541) 271-3293 / (800) 457-8048 Open 7 Days a Week 9AM to 5PM Pacific Time

If you have any issue at all with our web site please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.